Centuries ago in a long forgotten kingdom of dark forests and haunting mists, the noble families of that realm sought a way to increase the span of their life beyond what was mortally possible. One fateful evening a mysterious womanentered their conclave and offered them the secret that would grant them their dream. She taught them a powerful ritual that would grant them the vitality of vampires without subjecting them to undeath first. These nobles became the first living vampires, blessed with great power at the cost of their own humanity.

Centuries later the dhampir still exist. They have insinuated themselves into the upper classes of many nations, rebuilding a power base and keeping their true nature secret from almost everyone. Dhampir are absolutely loyal to their family and to close friends who have proven their worth. Those who break their oaths and bonds of loyalty are typically exiled; some exiles become adventurers and rebuild their "families" that way while others become solitary blood thirsty killers. Dhampir almost universally worship the Raven Queen, whom they believe either sent the woman who created their race or was actually their creator.

Racial Traits