• Fallcrest art
    Population: 1,350, mostly humans, halflings, and dwarves. Another 900 live in the outlying farms.
  • Government: Ruled by Lord Faren Markelhay (Male NG human Noble 6). Lord Markelhay appoints a town council to oversee day to day affairs.
  • Defenses: 60 full time warriors which double as a police force. 350 member militia.

Fallcrest is the central town of the Ventir Vale. This is not because of it's size; Hammerfast is nearly nine times as big. However, Fallcrest is the central town in the Nentir Vale and all of the trade that runs through the Vale runs through Fallcrest.

Fallcrest is divided into two districts, the Upper District where most of the wealthy citizens live and the Lower District where the laborers and poor live. The falls of the Nentir River thunder down the cliff that is the dividing line between the two districts. The cliffs are also the secret to Fallcrest's prosperity. Anything moving up or down river must be unloaded in Fallcrest and portered over the cliffs. Portions of the town are in ruins as a result of an invasion by the Bloodspear Orcs a decade ago. Other portions of the ruins are from the city that existed on the site during the Bael Turath Empire.