• Harkenwold
    Population: 2000, mostly humans, halflings, and dwarves in several small settlements.
  • Government: Traditionally Harkwold is ruled by the Stockmer family. Currently it is under an occupational government headed by Nazir Redthorn (Male LE human Cleric 5 of Asmodeus).
  • Defenses: 200 Iron Circle mercenaries. Nazir Redthorn has also bribed nearby hobgoblin and boggart tribes to work with him.

Althogh most people think of Harkenwold being a single settlement, it is actually a collection of small villages and thorps scattered about, all within about five or ten miles of each other. Most of the people of Harkenwold are fiercly independent, but they are loyal to their leader Baron Kalton Stockmer. They are also respectful of the wilderness and that has earned them the trust and friendship of the Woodsinger Clan of elves.

Hard times have fallen on Harkenwold. Recently it was invaded by the Iron Circle, an army sworn to the service of Asmodeus. The Harkenwolders have resisted the invaders as best the can, but disorganized farmers are no match for battle hardened mercenaries. Unless someone comes to their aid soon, the rebels are doomed.