Restwell Keep Edit

  • Population: 300, mostly humans
    176 cs the keep
  • Government: Ruled by Lord Perididn Drysdale (M  LG human Paladin 9 of Erathis )
  • Defenses: 45 mercenary soldiers

Restwell Keep is an ancient site that has fallen into ruins and been rebuilt several times. It was home to hobgoblin kings, dragons, and any number of other monsters. During the Empire of Nerath it was the fortress of a dwarven bandit king who was eventually overthrown by Bertak, a half orc general who served the emperor. Today it is occupied by Lord Drysdale, who seeks to bring civilization to this region.

The keep guards the entrance to the Chaos Scar and serves as a bulwark against the monsters that live in the Scar. Lord Drysdale hopes that one day he can civilize the region and claim the resources of the Scar in the name of his god. Not everyone agrees with this plan however, and many fear that Drysdale intends to force everyone in the keep into service as an army to conquer the Chaos Scar. Additionally rumors abound of secret cults of Zehir or Tiamat among the keep's inhabitants. Restwell Keep is likely to become a place of intrigue in the near future.